Andy is a script writer, both on his own and with others - please see his Director/Producer page. As you can see below, he has created a wealth of original material for development and adapted well known science fiction.

  • Fortune’s Luck – a swashbuckling fantasy adventure

  • Under The cover of darkness – a science thriller based on the human genome and a genetically engineered virus.

  • Ground Zero – the search for cold dark matter and the mysterious deaths of the scientists involved.

  • Locklear – a bio-picture and true story about Omer Locklear, Hollywood's first film star wing-walker and stunt man. A glorious art deco recreation of the birth years of Hollywood.

  • Into the Out Of – 8 part series adapted from ADF’s book.

  • Tomorrow’s is yesterday – short story in the Twilight Zone style.

  • Flux – a science fiction drama on the immediate flipping of the magnetic earth poles and the effect on nature and civilisation.

  • Moments – a drama on PTSD of a soldier returning from Afghanistan and the loss of a female colleague and his lover. Story set in his fantasy world – protecting his mind from PTSD.

Want to talk to Andy?

For any queries related to directing/producing, writing, fencing coaching and fight choreography, please contact Andy using the contact form.