Andrew A Wilkinson

Andrew A Wilkinson (familiarly known in the business as Andy) has worked professionally in the Film, Television and Theatre business since 1988. First as an actor, fight choreographer and sword master on several major Hollywood films, then later as a film and theatre director, screenwriter and producer. 

Andy and WP have updates on his profile on IMDB, spotlight and WP on LinkedIn.

Wilkinson Productions Ltd is his multi-media entertainment company, formed in 2000, which has produced several films and documentaries (all distributed), as well as commemorative theatre productions at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, Warwick Castle and for Sherborne School.

In the summer of 2017, WP was appointed as an independent radio programme supplier to the BBC. This new venture arose from a chance encounter at the de Haviland Aircraft museum in April 2017, which led to the production of “Radio Brats” – a documentary about the Radar and Technology Apprentices who left grammar school as teenagers in the 40’s and 50’s to join the RAF, known as 'Trenchard's Brats' by other ranks of the Royal Air Force.

Andy recently formed Wilkinson Productions Audio (WPA) and is the executive producer for all audio productions, with a small team of audio specialists, composers, and musicians.

Andrew A Wilkinson

Memberships & Affiliations

Andy, having worked professionally in the business for over three decades, is a member of and recognised by the following guilds and entertainment unions: 

·         The British Academy of Film & Television Arts (BAFTA)

·         Equity (The British Actors’ Union)

·         The Writers’ Guild of Great Britain (WGGB)

·         Directors’ UK (DUK)

·         Broadcasting, Entertainment, Communications and Theatre (BECTU)

·         Audio UK

·         The Society of Authors (SoA)

·         The British Academy of Fencing (BAF)

Creative Lectures

Andy offers a series of lectures that encompasses a variety of subjects related to filmmaking, Sword Master (Swordplay), Fight Choreography, Directing, Producing (film) and storytelling.

These lectures are individually tailored, for example specifically for film diploma courses or for particular skills required for students or crews to pursue careers in specialist areas. Each lecture is designed in collaboration with the course director and enhances the creative experience, being from a lecturer with hands on, professional experience in the subject.

2023 Lecture Diary: July to December 
Andy is currently lecturing at The Creative Media Institute, Myanmar - Film Diploma Course. Lecturing on Storytelling, Producing and Directing.

2024 Diary:
Guest speaker - The British Academy of Fencing  75th Anniversary Gala on Fight Choreography.

 Guest Speaker - Goldsmiths University degree level Film studies.

Andy is very experienced, having worked on 73 major films in front of the camera and numerous films behind the camera, as a director of action and main units. He understands the whole process and is very knowledgeable on how films are made, from concept to distribution. 

Andy can speak fluently on the writer’s process, the actors’ contribution and how a film or theatre production should be directed. Andy understands every step from the big picture idea or concept to the intimate details which the production needs, from the initial vision of the entire film to individual shot selection, scheduling, and budgets.

Andy’s breadth of experience encompasses producing from start to finish, including practical understanding of specialist areas such as Creating Violence for the stage and screen and all the consequences creatives may have overlooked.

Creative Lectures

Want to talk to Andy?

For any queries related to directing/producing, writing, fencing coaching and fight choreography, please contact Andy using the contact form.