• "What if that movement, in the corner of your eye, was not your imagination?"

"INTO THE OUT OF", an 8-part mini-series
Alan Dean Foster's best-selling novel "Into The Out Of" © adapted in 2015 by Andrew A. Wilkinson


Have you ever wondered why the world seems more threatening and dangerous today than it did at the height of the cold war?
Ebola outbreaks, disease, hate crimes, ethnic cleansing, fanaticism, conflicts in the Ukraine, Crimea, North Africa, civilian planes shot down, people trafficking, the threat, once again, of Nuclear war.
To save the planet from self-destruction, three disparate strangers, with only each other to rely on, are thrown together on an incredible adventure to defeat an infestation of creatures, so evil, so depraved, that if they were to win, it would be Hell on Earth.

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